You can buy VPS server 6 core 6GB RAM with 100GB SSD disk at Affordable price only Rs.1699/m

we provide for your business we provide power of VPS. 6 core VPS with 6GB ram can work fast for your websites. Do you have any query , feel free to contact us.

If you have any query , you can find below, if your query not match with below , Please click on contact us button of reach support section

In Cloud Shared hosting is also a server , But server can has multiple accounts , all accounts Shared Rsource .
Yes , Cloud Hosting also base on shared environment , But we provide large ram size then other Shared hosting provide . And its based on cloud technology , So You can upgrade your server anytime without any downtime .
You can install any OS from our Panel . Now the question is which OS you need to install, Normally for web server Install Centos 7, 8 . But you can use other OS as per your requirement .
if you are developer or you have developer you can do by developer . or if you have no developer you can do your side also . You can install Wordpress , Then install plugin -> Add Elementor And Start design with drag and drop . Or you can install sitepad basic ( free version ) website builder
No . You can reinstall OS as per your project needs .
Its depend as per your needs . Like you are new and your website has under developement or just few traffic your have you can start with Shared hosting . For high traffic or powerfull App you should go with VPS or if you need root access of server.
Its very easy , We have tutorial for install cPanel or other . ( if you have Managed Cloud ) You can create ticket , our team will do that for you .
It's depend on your website type. In generally our lowest shared hosting plan can handled at a time, 300 visitors. For more visitors, you can go with higher plan or you should go for VPS.

Do you have any query ? Please feel free to contact us.

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